My first love. For those who've never heard of it, it's a 6mm (or 1:300 scale) game set in Games Workshop's incredible Warhammer 40,000 universe.

I was first introduced to the original Adeptus Titanicus by my old friend Keith, this would have been around 1990 or 1991, I think (I would have been 12 or 13). I persuaded him to let me have a couple of the plastic Warlord titans (long since disappeared), borrowed the rulebook from him, and started learning how to paint them (something I still haven't quite picked up :).

However, I also have a distinct memory of going round Nick's and playing Adeptus Titanicus with him at around the same time. So which came first, I don't know. But wargaming was definitely a major social activity during my school days - I can recall a number of enjoyable saturday afternoons spent listening to hard rock (mostly Iron Maiden - now you know where my taste in music comes from!) and pushing very poorly painted minis around an old snooker table.

I carried on playing Epic right through my university days: Nick and I went to the same university together and shared a house during our second year. This is where the association between wargaming and alcohol formed: nothing like getting back from lectures at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, drinking your way through a crate of lager, and blasting away at your enemy with a plasma annihilator!

Nowadays, I have disposable income, and my own house with a spare room, which means I still get a chance to play games despite living the lifestyle of an international jet setter. Which means that I am not far off completing a full Space Marine chapter (weighing in at around 13,000 points), and have a pretty mean modular gaming table system (which I will be reviewing soon). Having said that, I doubt I've played more than four times in the last year :)

I've played all the different variants of the Epic game: the original Adeptus Titanicus, the first and second editions of Space Marine, Epic 40,000 (didn't like it much), Epic: Armageddon (much better, but can't persuade my opponents to play it!) and now NetEpic.

I have never set down and written a proper "batrep" (battle report), although I might have a try next time. But we've been taking pictures of our games for a while. Here's a few photo galleries:

  1. 2008-03-22 - Big F**kin' Epic Battle
  2. 2007-07-29 - Mark tries out his Squats
  3. 2005-09-17 - Wargame With Nick
  4. 2004-02-29 - Wargame with Nick, Duncan and Dan

More games tomorrow!