My first wet palette

Wet Palette
Wet Palette

Wet palettes always seemed like a good idea, but I never managed to get around to trying one out, until today. My palette is very simple: the packaging from a packet of tomatoes, some kitchen roll and greaseproof paper. So far it’s worked out very well. You should try it yourself!

3 thoughts on “My first wet palette”

  1. What is the go with this wet palet thing? How do you use it, tell me I must know more dammit. It’s intrigued the hell out of me…….


  2. A wet palette is very handy for painting with acrylics, which dry out very quickly. The palette simply stops the paint from drying, so it’s very handy when you’re mixing paints and using them over several sessions: if you cover the palette with clingfilm after you’re finished, the mixed paint will stay usable pretty much indefinitely.

    1. Im sort of convinced. I’ll give it a try this weekend. I’ve been trying to introduce artists acrylics into my painting format, the type wot come in a tube and look way clever and everything and I think that they may work quite well with this wet pallet thingy.

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