Firedrakes, Part 1

Fire Drakes Terminator Squad

I’ve spent much of the past week working on the first few units of my previously-mentioned Salamanders Firedrakes army.


Bray'arth Ashmantle, Venerable Ironclad Dreadnought of the Salamanders

This is Bray’arth Ashmantle, a venerable Ironclad Dreadnought from Forge World. This model normally comes with a pair of Dreadfire arms, but I’ve gone with an Inferno Cannon for the left arm.

I’ve made quite a few customisations using the Salamanders Etched Brass (also from Forge World), here’s a side view of Bray’arth:

Bray'arth Ashmantle, Venerable Ironclad Dreadnought of the Salamanders

As you can see, I’ve added a drake-scale banner made from Green Stuff to the Inferno Cannon’s barrel. I’m going to write a tutorial on how to make these in a future post.

Here’s the first squad of Terminators:

Firedrakes Terminator Squad

And another pic:

Firedrakes Terminator Squad

These models have also been pimped with Etched Brass and Forge World shoulder pads. Each model also has a piece of drake-scale attached to his armour. Here’s a close-up on the Sergeant:

Firedrakes Terminator Sergeant

His head’s missing as I’m going to paint it separately. As you may know, Salamanders are dark skinned, which requires painting techniques that I haven’t much experience of, so it’ll be fun to see how he turns out.

One of the Terminators in the squad has a very dynamic pose where he’s leaning forward. Unfortunately he’s leaning so far forward that his backside is exposed, a sort of Terminator builder’s bum so I’ve used more Green Stuff drake-scale to cover his modesty:

Firedrakes Terminator, rear view

I’m really looking forward to painting this lot!

2 thoughts on “Firedrakes, Part 1”

  1. These are incredible looking. Just found you looking for some Salamander Chapter pics as reference for my own army (just got into 40k and I’ve started painting). I’m going to look around and see if I can find that stake scale green stuff tutorial you mention. That’s something I want to learn badly.

    Thanks for the great pics and inspiration.

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