40K Background: The Vastus Sector

The Vastus Sector
Like many wargamers, I enjoy the “fluff” of the imaginary worlds that I play games in, as well as the “crunch” of the rules and models. I’ve even taken to writing my own background material, to help bring my armies to life.

Here’s the first couple of articles that I’ve now finished. More content will be published as I tidy it up (and, in some cases, convert it from archaic 20 year old file formats):

I plan to publish more articles about other aspects of life in the Vastus Sector: the Legio Pantera titan legion, the Necron tomb worlds, and much more besides. Keep ’em peeled!

One thought on “40K Background: The Vastus Sector”

  1. The Milky Way Galaxy is 100,000 LY across. Your sector is roughly 6,000 LY across. In 40k, typical sectors are around 200 LY by 200 LY. Maybe bump your scale down to 50 LY. Other than that, the Vastus Sector looks great!

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