You wouldn't know it from the contents of this blog, but I've been playing BattleTech for almost as long as I've been playing Epic: at least thirty years now!

However, despite playing the occasional game, I haven't expanded my (fairly modest) collection of 'mechs in at least twenty years, and certainly haven't painted any this side of the Millenium.

I was very fortunate to receive a copy of the new Beginner's Box and an Inner Sphere Battle Lance as gifts. These contain some of the gorgeous new miniatures being produced by Catalyst Game Labs, which have inspired me to get more involved in the game: I've now painted the plastic 'mechs in a consistent colour scheme and will be going back into my collection of old metal 'mechs to strip and repaint them. My gaming BFF Mark and I went halves on a set of GeoHex tiles to create some gorgeous battlescapes for playing games on!

More pictures of the above 'mechs below the fold.

Phoenix Hawk