Appearances to the contrary, I have neither died, been in a coma, nor lost my interest in the hobby!

I have, however, recently become a father again for the fourth (or fifth, depending on how you measure these things) time, which although otherwise entirely wonderful, has had the effect of (a) taking away what little energy I had left after dealing with the rest of the family, (b) doing the same to my spare time and (c) depriving me of the permanent hobby space I previously enjoyed, which is now the nursery.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as things are now settling down and I'm starting to get time and energy back. I also acquired a GoBag Evo from Monument Hobbies, which has drastically reduced the setup/teardown time required to get my hobby on at the kitchen table. So hopefully you'll see some more posts soon!

One further item: after previously vein active on twitter and then instagram, I'm more interested in the Fediverse nowadays, and thanks to some technical wizardry you can now follow this blog on Mastodon! Just search for @[email protected] to see this post through your Mastodon client, and follow to receive updates.