ItEN 3.0 is Released!

Core-Rules-CoverAs you may know, last year I took over the editorship of In the Emperor’s Name, the fan-made skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Yesterday, several months of work reached its completion with the publication of the the Third Edition of ItEN – go and download it right now!

The new edition builds on the Second Edition (released in July 2011) with enhancements to almost every part of the core rules. It updates and revises some of the core game mechanics such as the points calculation formula, and introduces a new Equipment system.

ItEN is a collaborative work produced by the Forge of War Development Group. My thanks to all those people who submitted feedback and suggestions through the forums, in particular to Craig, who trusted me with his creation while he worked on In her Majesty’s Name, the steampunk cousin of ItEN.

You can download the new version of ItEN here.

Adeptus Custodes list for In The Emperor’s Name

While Craig is busy writing In Her Majesty’s Name, I’ve been giving the ITEN retinue lists a going over. As well as releasing a new Necron retinue list, I have also prepared a retinue list for the Adeptus Custodes, the Emperor’s super badass personal guard.

My starting point for this list was “Space Marines turned up to eleven”. The first draft was probably a bit over-the-top but thanks to feedback on the Forge Of War ITEN forums it’s now a bit more balanced, but the Custodians would still give the Astartes a good arse-kicking mano-a-mano.

Check out the Adeptus Custodes Retinue List (docx format).

WIP: Imperial Crusader For In The Emperor’s Name

Here’s a photo of a current work-in-progress: an Imperial Crusader that I plan to use in games of In The Emperor’s Name:

Imperial Crusader

The miniature is a War Priest from Avatars of War. I’ve 40K’d it up a bit, by adding a Plasma Gun, Combat Knife, ammo pack and purity seal, all taken from the Space Marine accessories sprue. The head is from a Space Wolf marine. A bit of etched brass on the shoulder and on the sides of the warhammer finishes him off (note that the base is temporary).

More pictures below.

Imperial Crusader

Imperial Crusader

Imperial Crusader

Imperial Crusader