Knights: Robot Cohorts completed

This weekend I blitzed the robots and got them all painted. It was a pretty simple process once I’d decided on a paint scheme and set up a “factory line”.

First, I undercoated all the models with black. Then, I base coated them with a mix of Scab Red and Deneb Stone: mixing a bit of Deneb Stone (which is a “foundation” paint) in with the red increases its opacity gives it better coverage.

One this was dry, I painted Coat d’arms Slate Grey onto the base, then I painted details in Boltgun Metal and Coat d’arms Brass. Then they were all given a coat of Devlan Mud – including the base. Once this was dry, I drybrushed the base Deneb Stone.

Here are some photos of the robots laid out on my city board: the bases are intended to match the boards. The robots have support from a few titans of the Legio Pantera.

Knights: Baron and Errants

I spent some time yesterday stripping the paint off of the Knight models, which had spent the previous week soaking in Dettol.

This afternoon I’ve been reassembling and basing the models. The first model I dealt with was the Baron, the Knight HQ unit.

I’ve never been very keen on this model. The banner pole it had made it look very tall and gangly. But I’m really pleased with the new incarnation:

I’ve ditched the banner pole, gave the torso a twist (I used a razor saw to cut the torso away from the hip, then pinned and reattached) and altered the stance of the legs. This makes the model much more dynamic. It also worked really well for some Errants.

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Robots of the Legio Cybernetica

Rather than use Skitarii or Tech-Guard as the infantry support for my Epic Knights, I’m going to use the robots of the Legio Cybernetica. It’s not clear whether robots (or indeed, Knights) are still around in M41, but that’s not a big problem, as we know they both were during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, so this army could very easily be a pre-Heresy or Heresy-era army.

Here’s a picture of the assembled maniples just before they went into Dettol to be stripped. In OpenEpic they represent about 2,000 points, which should be enough to provide the Knights with a screen of ground pounders.

You can see a mix of all the different robot types (Crusader, Castellan, Cataphract, Conqueror and Colossus) in both metal and plastic.

Epic Knights, Part 1: old and new

My Firedrakes are now all assembled, pimped and ready to start painting. I just finished Nocturne, the final part of the awesome Tome of Fire series by Nick Kyme, so I’m totally stoked about painting my Firedrakes up and joining the ranks of the Fire-born.

However, I am temporarily putting that project on hold. I’m going to use the Army Painter camo green primer as the base coat, and as you may know, Army Painter have just announced a range of acrylic paints that match their primer sprays. Army Green is included but won’t be out until the end of March, so I’ve decided to wait until I can get some before I start painting. That way I can correct mistakes without having to mix my own paint.

So in the meantime I’m making progress with one of my other 2012 objectives: getting my Epic knight army repainted. I’ve just taken an inventory of my old army, and thankfully it’s survived a decade of neglect quite well:

Epic Knight Inventory
Epic Knight Inventory

What you see there is ten plastic Paladins (plus another three on sprues), three Errants, three Crusaders, six Castellans, one Baron, and three of the old Adeptus Titanicus era metal knights: one Paladin and two Wardens.

These are all going to take a bath in Dettol to strip the paint off. I don’t think I’ll be going with the old green and white quartered scheme this time: I’m currently thinking along the lines of a more AdMech combo of red and bronze.

As well as these models, I also have some of the amazing chevaliers by Thom from Epic-FR. The quality on these resin miniatures is absolutely awesome: I’ve never seen such impressive detail and design on “amateur” miniatures before.

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My Hobby Plans For 2012

2012 is almost upon us! The last twelve months have been a period of diversification for me in hobby terms: I delved more deeply into 15mm SF stuff, finished my first 40k army in 15 years, and discovered In The Emperor’s Name.

I thought that it might be fun to post my plans for 2012, so I can look back next year and see how I did.

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