A couple of friends and I went up to the Excel centre this weekend to attend Salute 2010. This is the second Salute show I've been to, and once again, I had a great time. The demonstration games were all amazing, and some of the display boards were simply incredible!

One of the stands I was most keen on visiting was that of Critical Mass Games, and I wasn't disappointed. Their gorgeous 15mm SF miniatures were on display on their stand, and on their fantastic display board, entitled "The Battle of Kyushu Bay".

The Battle Of Kyushu Bay

There are more pictures on Dropship Horizon. Of course, I caved in and bought a bunch of ARC Fleet miniatures, the prototype of which I've already started working on:

ARC Fleet Trooper

At 40p each (plus a penny for the base!), they're excellent value for money! You can buy them online here.