I've just finished the test model from the Critical Mass Games miniatures I bought at Salute:
ARC Fleet Heavy Drop Trooper

Like most of my paint jobs, I've optimised for speed: after being sprayed with white primer, I gave the entire model a coat of Citadel Rotting Flesh, with the armour plates painted in Camo Green, the weapon in Boltgun Metal, the visor in Brazen Brass, and the base in Horizon Paints brown (a line produced by Ral Partha and long since gone away). Then the entire model was given a wash of Devlan Mud (which I seem to use on just about everything nowadays). Then I finished up with some static grass on the base.

One down, 25 more (plus one artillery piece, a vehicle and some GZG drones) to go! I will post updates as I go.