My Firedrakes are now all assembled, pimped and ready to start painting. I just finished Nocturne, the final part of the awesome Tome of Fire series by Nick Kyme, so I'm totally stoked about painting my Firedrakes up and joining the ranks of the Fire-born.

However, I am temporarily putting that project on hold. I'm going to use the Army Painter camo green primer as the base coat, and as you may know, Army Painter have just announced a range of acrylic paints that match their primer sprays. Army Green is included but won't be out until the end of March, so I've decided to wait until I can get some before I start painting. That way I can correct mistakes without having to mix my own paint.

So in the meantime I'm making progress with one of my other 2012 objectives: getting my Epic knight army repainted. I've just taken an inventory of my old army, and thankfully it's survived a decade of neglect quite well:

Epic Knight Inventory

What you see there is ten plastic Paladins (plus another three on sprues), three Errants, three Crusaders, six Castellans, one Baron, and three of the old Adeptus Titanicus era metal knights: one Paladin and two Wardens.

These are all going to take a bath in Dettol to strip the paint off. I don't think I'll be going with the old green and white quartered scheme this time: I'm currently thinking along the lines of a more AdMech combo of red and bronze.

As well as these models, I also have some of the amazing chevaliers by Thom from Epic-FR. The quality on these resin miniatures is absolutely awesome: I've never seen such impressive detail and design on "amateur" miniatures before.

Here are some of the Paladin proxies:

Knight Paladin
Knight Paladin
Knight PaladinKnight Paladin

I have enough Paladins to make a full NetEpic Household (seven models). That will give me a couple of companies which is enough to form the basis of an army.

I've also got some Warden proxies. The NetEpic rules for these don't really do these models justice, so I may invent a new Knight type for these beauties:

Knight Warden
Knight Warden

Thom's models came with 35mm scenic bases, and I really like them for these models, so I'm probably going to make some of my own for the other Knights so they are consistent.

Building an Army

In past outings, having a Knights-only army has worked quite well, but there will be certain armies (I'm thinking especially or Orks and Tyranids) that are infantry heavy and which will be able to swarm the Knights, which won't have much of a defence. So I need some infantry support, and have decided to try to stick to the Pre-Heresy/AdMech vibe, and go with a full legion of robots! I have dozens of the little guys and I think they'll work quite nicely as infantry support.

Of course, for most games, my Knights will also need support from their big cousins, the Titans. But I've already got that covered :-)