Polyversal is a forthcoming 6mm Sci-Fi game being developed by ken Whitehurst and published by Collins Epic Wargames. It's quite an innovative format in that they are going to ship a boxed set containing rules and miniatures produced by a number of different manufacturers. Those familiar with the world of 6mm will recognise names like Exodus Wars, Dark Realm Miniatures, Brigade Models, Plasmablast Games and MicroWorld Miniatures.

I love the idea of these manufacturers working together to create a product that's greater than the some of its parts. While each manufacturer creates some fantastic stuff, none of them on their own has a wide enough product range to compete with Epic, or produce an "out of the box" experience that's likely to draw new gamers to the 6mm scale. But together, they could produce something really cool. I'm very inspired by the artwork that's been announced for the cover of the boxed set:


There's a lot of enthusiasm for this product on the Tactical Command forums about Polyversal, and I'm pleased that my suggestion of including terrain from GameCraft Miniatures is being looked at. With rules, minis and scenery in a single box, this game could go a long way to bringing 6mm Wargaming to a wider audience.