This weekend I blitzed the robots and got them all painted. It was a pretty simple process once I'd decided on a paint scheme and set up a "factory line".

First, I undercoated all the models with black. Then, I base coated them with a mix of Scab Red and Deneb Stone: mixing a bit of Deneb Stone (which is a "foundation" paint) in with the red increases its opacity gives it better coverage.

One this was dry, I painted Coat d'arms Slate Grey onto the base, then I painted details in Boltgun Metal and Coat d'arms Brass. Then they were all given a coat of Devlan Mud - including the base. Once this was dry, I drybrushed the base Deneb Stone.

Here are some photos of the robots laid out on my city board: the bases are intended to match the boards. The robots have support from a few titans of the Legio Pantera.