Ordinati are leviathan sized warmachines created by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Every individual Ordinatus is a unique construction and named for the world on which it was first employed or built. Each Ordinatus is unique in that it was designed for specific purpose, for a particular battle.

The Ordinatus Armageddon mounts a giant plasma cannon that can fire using either all available energy for one devastating blast, or several smaller pulses. Its main weapons system is essentially a slightly smaller, vehicle mounted version of the Plasma Annihilator carried by Imperator titans.

I have an original Ordinatus Golgotha model which I love using, especially against Orks (any unit which suffers casualties from a Gologtha's Hellfire missiles must pass a morale test or go on Fall Back), but I wanted to expand my collection. Unfortunately I don't have £100 spare so I decided to kitbash one using some Neo-Soviet tanks from Brigade Models as the chassis.

I'm looking forward to getting it painted and on the table!