2013-05-31 23.46.45

Here is a Land Raider Redeemer for my Salamanders army. Normally, a Land Raider is the centrepiece for any Space Marine army, but in this case I actually painted it as a test model, in order to develop the painting technique before using it on the Stormeagle that's currently sitting in a box at my in-laws. The reasoning being that if it all went wrong, it would be a £50 model I was wrecking rather than a £100 model.

Fortunately, no such disaster occurred, although I did make a mistake when I tried to fix a pool of wash and ended up creating a nasty tide mark on the top of the model. This was fixed fairly easily, fortunately.

You can see that I've upgraded the model using Forge World resin pieces and etched brass. If you're creating an army with a rich visual style, such as the Salamanders, these are a bit of a must.

Now that I've successfully finished the Land Raider, I'm dying to get on to the Stormeagle! But you will see from my next post that there's another large model that's also taking up my attention...