I'm still waiting for Forge World to dispatch the hydras that will form the AA-platforms on the towers of the fortress, so I've been making progress on the other pieces of the titan. I'm still working out where to get the radar dish for the rear tower, that will replace the defence laser: if anyone has a suggestion, I'd be pleased to hear it. Scratch-building is always an option, but it'll never look as good as converting something else.

The landing pad for the spotter aircraft has turned out pretty well: as I am sure you can see, it's a standard GW slottabase, sanded smooth, with an etched brass aquila and another piece of the ARC starfighter to serve as an antenna.

I'm catching a Eurostar tomorrow morning to go to Paris for the 32nd International ICANN meeting, and I'm staying for the weekend to visit with a friend, so hopefully by the time I get back, the hydras will have arrived, and I can put the finishing touches to the titan. I'm really itching to paint it!