Progress has been made on my modular city board project. I've made a start on the first two pieces: a Titan/Knight maintenance facility, and an Administratum building:

Titan/Knight Maintenance Hangar

You can probably work out how this was made: I used balsa wood to create the walls (I manually mitred the ends so that they'd make nice corners. I used cocktail sticks to create the posts, and used 28mm razor wire rolled around a paint brush handle to create the barbed wire around the top. The resin buildings come from Old Crow and

Adminstratum Building

These Forge World buildings (now sadly out of production) are very nice, but have a thick 4mm base which makes them look a bit weird as stand-alone buildings. Rather than trying to cut the base off (I did have a try with my trusty razor saw) I decided to build up around the base with 4 squares of 1mm plasticard, each 1cm smaller than the next, to create a set of stairs. Since the finished piece is too big to share a panel with anything else, I decided to put it on its own panel, at a diagonal angle. I might add some more detail in the empty space in the corners later on.