Reaver Titan

I have quite a few Epic Titans: most of them (apart from notable exceptions) are quite old. Although my painting skill level hasn't really changed over the years, the amount of attention I pay to basing and terrain has; so while I'm happy with their paint jobs, I can't say I'm too pleased with their bases.

So a while back I took one of the first Reaver titans I'd ever painted (probably around 1995 or even older) and had a go at rebasing it. The titan was based on one of the old Adeptus Titanicus era bases (the ones with the void shield wheel), which I took my knife to. I trimmed the sides off, and filled in the window at the front with putty.

While at Salute I picked up some Basetex textured paint, so I gave the old base (which was just a bit of putty painted dark green), and then applied some static grass.

And yes, this titan does field three Vulcan Mega-Bolters!