I've been pre-occupied with Epic recently but I still have a 40K Necron army in the works. I did once have a modest Space Marine army (made up mostly of plastic Mark VI and VII marines from Rogue Trader and 2nd edition, and with an old-style Land Raider) and even played games with them - a total of 2 - but I haven't really been interested in 40K since the early nineties. But at least one of my friends is, so I agreed to build a Necron army to play against him.

I finished a squad of Necron Warriors and a Lord last year, but progress stalled due to problems with some Destroyers that were damaged by the Plasti-kote spray I was using. While painting my Epic army, I found that Army Painter chainmail spray gives a better finish, so now that the Epic army is pretty much finished, I'm ready to have another go at the 40K army. Here are some Wraiths I just finished: