Necron Warriors - First and Second Phalanxes

I've just finished the second phalanx of Necron Warriors for my 40K Army. This is the first set of models I've done with the new basing style, which you can see here:

Necron Warrior

The base texture is fine sand glued to the base with PVA. This is then painted with Snakebite Leather (as is the side of the base), and then washed with Devlan Mud. This is then drybrushed with Bronzed Flesh and Tallarn Flesh. Finally, I applied some of GW's Burnt Grass using a Noch applicator.

The first picture shows both phalanxes together, the first one is on the left. Here's a close-up:

Necron Warriors - First Phalanx

I had to re-base these miniatures, using a razor saw to remove them from their old base. Here's the new phalanx:

Necron Warriors - Second Phalanx

These two phalanxes form the core of my Necron army, which is just about finished: all that's left is a couple of Heavy Destroyers that are nearly done, and then the centrepiece: my internally illuminated Monolith. More to follow!