I came across a post on TGN about some cyber beetles produced by Puppets War (not to be confused with Puppet Wars). They're obviously cashing in on the newfound cheesiness of Necron scarabs: other than the scarabs you get when you by a box of warriors, the only other way to get scarabs is to buy them from Forge World at £1.33 each. By making pretty reasonable proxies at about a third of the price, I am sure they are doing quite well.

Seeing how I sacrificed most of my cache of scarabs to make Epic scale destroyers, I am pretty short of the beasties, so I decided to buy some. They just arrived today, so here's a picture of how they turned out:

The casting quality is pretty good, with only a small amount of flash or warpage (and where there is any, it's to the underside where it's not likely to be noticed). The detail is pretty good and the size in comparison to Games Workshop's scarabs is pretty good. So they're not a bad alternative to the official models.