If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen me live tweet a game of NetEpic played at my local gaming store, No Man's Land. It was 6,000 points of Necrons and Squats played over a city table: I was very pleased to be able to use a load of new terrain pieces including some GameCraft fortress walls and the finally finished Kibri cathedral.

Turn 1

I won initiative and forced to Squats to move first. Almost all my army started in reserves which gave the Squats a chance to advance towards the objectives at the centre of the table.

Turn 2

The Squats gained the initiative forcing me to move first. The destroyers on the left flank went onto First Fire in anticipation of being assaulted by the Guild Bikers (which they did). Two squadrons of Monoliths teleported behind the Squat line and disgorged a horde of Warriors, Immortals and Pariahs to confront the Squat rear artillery and super-heavies. The destroyers incurred heavy damage to the bikes but sustained a number of casualties in close combat, while the Necron force at the rear successfully destroyed a Leviathan at the cost of a few stands and a single Monolith.

Turn 3

The Squats regrouped and brought their big guns to bear on the Necrons, inflicting quite a few casualties, but the Necrons were tenacious and none of their contingents were close to breaking.

Turn 4

We were running short of time so this was to be our final turn. The Necrons were assaulted by Squat hearthguard and warriors and bombarded by the Land Train with little in response, but when the smoke cleared at the end of the Turn, the implacable Necrons continued to dominate, winning by 19 VPs to 10.

Pictures of varying quality (taken on phone and iPad) below.