Back in February I met up with my occasional opponent Pete at Dark Sphere in south London for a 3,000 point NetEpic game. Once again I took my Necrons, while Pete used his Eldar army for the first time. Once again, I lost, due mainly to poor deployment and use of my Monoliths, although since Pete volunteered that he thought that the Eldar knights (proxied using 40K Wraithguard) were overpowered, I'll use that as my excuse!

Some photos from the game are below. My army was:

  • Venator Legion:
    • 1x Necron Lord
    • 1x Warrior Phalanx (8 stands)
    • 1x Immortal Phalanx (6 stands)
    • 1x Monolith Triceps (3 Monoliths)
  • Immortal Phalanx (6 stands)
  • Monolith Triceps (3 Monoliths)
  • Doomsday Ark Triceps (3 Doomsday Arks)
  • Praetorian Phalanx (4 stands)
  • Praetorian Phalanx (4 stands)
  • C'tan Shard

Preparing for tomorrow's game. The harvester legion awakens...

— Jodrell (@J_Plays_Games) February 14, 2015

And this is what it looks like. Just need to get those tanks painted tonight!

— Jodrell (@J_Plays_Games) February 14, 2015