Summoning Core
I wanted to create some terrain pieces that work with my Epic necron army. Dawn Of War had some cool Necron structures that looked pretty easy to scratch-build, like this Summoning Core.

This is the method I came up with (it took a couple of attempts). First, the ingredients:

  1. 3mm plasticard
  2. 1mm or 0.5mm plasticard
  3. Liquid poly cement
  4. 5mm drill
  5. Razor saw
  6. Clothes pegs

The first thing to do is cut out two 15mm x 24mm rectangles from the 3mm plasticard. I decided to score on the design while they were still attached to the main sheet. You'll almost certainly want to use a razor saw to do this.

3mm Plasticard pieces

Then cut a 12mm x 22mm piece of 1mm or 0.5mm plasticard. This is a spacer that goes between the other two pieces, making a sort of sandwich. It's smaller than the other two pieces so that a gap shows. Glue them all together with liquid poly and use some clothes pegs to clamp them together.

Plasticard Sandwich

Once the glue has set, use a 5mm drill to drill a hole through the middle. The hole should be 7.5mm from the top, and on the centre line. I drilled a pilot hole with a pin vise to make the drilling a bit easier.

Once you've drilled the hole, take your razor saw and cut grooves over where you've previous scored. If your razor saw is a thin one like mine, you may need to make two parallel cuts and carve out between them. A round file can be used to chamfer the edges of the grooves.

Mount on a 24mm base and you're done! Here's the finished piece.
Summoning Core

Here's another terrain piece I made. You can get quite nice effects with just a few bits of plastic.
Summoning Core and Something Else
Update: after I made the first protoype I was able to make a couple more. Definitely easier second time around!

Summoning Cores