A new NetEpic Army Book for Necrons

I’ve long been a fan of Kotrin‘s alternative NetEpic army book for Necrons, which I have always used when playing with my Epic necrons. The “official” Necron rules for NetEpic are bundled together with another set of rules for “Space Slann”, and are a bit of an afterthought.

A few years ago, after GW and Forgeworld had produced a number of new models, I wrote some rules for them that were compatible with Kotrin’s rules. However, since then, Kotrin appears to have disappeared, and his website has been broken for several years.

After I’d finished getting the new NetEpic website up and running I decided to bite the bullet, and I have now finished a new version of the Necron Army Book, based on Kotrin’s original version (which I had to convert from PDF to Word in order to edit: cue hours of reformatting and rejigging). The new version includes the rules I wrote for the new models and I’ll keep it updated as GW/FW release new models for my favourite robot zombies!

You can download the new book by clicking on the following link:

2 thoughts on “A new NetEpic Army Book for Necrons”

  1. Hi,

    First, my apologies for my English, I’m from Spain and my english its low.
    Second, thank you for working with the Necron army book .
    Third, reviewing the list I have seen that the Destroyer Legion does not fit in points, since it only has 2 detachments and you pay 3, could you review it?

    Thanks you

    1. Hi Adria – you’re right, the Destroyer Legion should have 2 Destroyer Eques, not 1. The next version of the book will correct that error. Thanks for your feedback!

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